Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Valentines day this year was (supposed to be) relaxed. We had a special night planned for the next night, so Valentines day this year was spent cooking together and staying in. Everything was pretty easy going.
We even made each other homemade valentines day cards. Cody's made me cry.

I learned my overzealous lesson this year. In the morning I went to the grocery store, did 5 loads of laundry, got a hair cut, and folded those 5 loads of laundry before I even thought about starting to cook. Then around 1-ish I started making the rolls. I had to start over 4 times before I realized the reason my butter was turning into billions of crystals was because my milk was too cold. Bah.
Then I decided I wanted to make chocolate mouse, complete with chocolate bowls. So... I got a few water balloons and struggled horribly to blow them up. I can't even blow up regular balloons, so these were so near impossible. I nearly died. It took me and entire hour to blow up two balloons. I got so dizzy that I almost passed out, so I laid on the ground. Seriously. I am that cool.
So after the horribleness of blowing up the balloons.. I popped the first one instantly when it touched the chocolate because the chocolate was too hot. Great. So I let the chocolate cool forever and started in on the second one. this one was going better. This one popped too, but not before I almost entirely covered it in chocolate, resulting in chocolate EVERYWHERE.. including, but not limited to, my hair (freshly washed, cut, and styled) the floor, the celeing, and everywhere in between. Now I was back at square one, with no balloons and a dirty kitchen. ughh... needless to say I finally got it done, but it was an ordeal. All in all, the dinner was delicious, but I learned a lesson for future Valentines Days.
Don't be stupid. (partially kidding)
Ha ha, but seriously, even though it was so much fun to cook with Cody, I way overplanned and so we didn't get to spend as much time with one another because our dinner wasn't ready till 7:30 and afterward we were so so tired that we collapsed on the couch and watched the bachelor. HA .. I am so embarassed for myself.
Anyway, the food was excellent, so if you want the recipe for any of it I will link it.
Parker House Rolls. Bacon-cheese stuffed shells. Steamed artichokes with Julia child's Hollindase Sauce. ( I forgot to take a picture, but they looked similiar to this pic I found on the internet. and Chocolate mouse, in freaking chocolate bowls and rasberries. (no recipe)

I was so full by the time we were on the main course, I only ate one shell (which is why there is only one in the picture)
Overall I probably consumed a billion delicious calories.


  1. I'll pay you to cook for me. Serious. You're gourmet.

  2. Good heavens - you are insane... and I'm jealous. I couldn't get all that done in THREE days. No actually... I doubt I will ever cook that much deliciousness ever, ever, ever. You need come move in with me.