Friday, January 21, 2011

Despite my horrendous meal blogging, me and Cody have continued to cook together. I can only remember a few dishes that we made, and have no pictures, so I stole some from the internet.
The first one was Paula Deen's lasagna. Pure sweet heaven. Definitely the best lasagna I have ever eaten .. and I have eaten a lot of lasagna. We made it for our friends Pete, May, Mel, and Adam a couple months ago and they all agreed. Delicious. (not that they would tell me otherwise). Go here if you want the recipe. Then comment so we can agree that it is the best lasagna ever.
The one downfall is that because there are so many different cheeses used, it turns out to be pretty expensive. But it does make enough to feed you for a week.
Also, I have made this lasagna and I have used her marinara sauce recipe and it was really good, but I have also just made my own (in a lot less time) and it turned out good to.
I made a turkey and from there we had 'turkey week' because we had so much leftover turkey that I turned it into a week of meals. My favorite recipe was the dumplings and turkey soup filled with delicious veggies. I can't come up with the recipe right now but it looked similar to the picture below. delicious.
The last thing we made with the turkey leftovers was Emeril's Turkey Sandwiches with pesto mayonnaise and dried cranberries. Go here to behold the glorious recipe. They were pretty tasty. I also made an apple, sweet potato side dish to go with them, but I can't find that recipe either. Dang, why didn't I blog sooner. This post is turning out to be pretty lame. Oh well.


  1. pretty sure i ate that same lasagna and my name is not mentioned. thats not walking with you this week. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that food would taste a lot better served up in my kitchen.... come cook for me!