Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We were sent an adorable valentine this year by my aunt Errin and the Arnold clan over from San Diego. They sent us a ginormous sucker with their picture on it all crafted in cuteness. After V day was over I was going to throw this sucker away but I thought better of it. Mack LOVED it.. I am sad I didn't get a picture after he was thoroughly suckered. The sucker kept getting stuck to his fat belly, which made him scream. It was disgusting ha ha.

Codes got to clean this one up (thank you girls night for being perfectly timed!!)


  1. Mack is soooo cute!!! Its been too long since I have seen him! When can me and him hang out?! haha

  2. girls night? um hello... why am I not apart of this?

  3. p.s Presley has yet to have a taste of her first sucker. You are a way nicer mom than I.

  4. I love when Chelsea reminds me to come look at Mack... what a stud! And... I am loving your cooking posts. I am always in need of new recipes and ideas so I don't get stuck to my 5 staple dinners.

    Can't wait for more food posts.