Friday, March 12, 2010


Today I am tired.

I am tired of school.
I am tired of my teething child.
I am tired of cleaning my forever dirty house.
I am tired.

I have been day dreaming of going back to Coronado Island where me and Cody spent our honeymoon. We stayed at the Del Coronado Hotel, which I am in love with. I love it's old glamor. Everything is so beautiful and romantic. I am missing the cute ice cream parlor moo time creamery. I miss eating the delicious breakfast outside on a patio that overlooks the beach. I miss relaxing on the beach without anything to do.
Is it too early to go on a second honeymoon?


  1. I miss it too...especially the breakfast patio overlooking the ocean...

    When we all get rich, let's buy one of those new condos that are part of the Del. Ok?

  2. Thanks for your comment Tracy. We did our honeymoon on Coronado as well. Best place ever! I am pretty sure Darin and Lori (or Chels and Jacoby when they move) will watch your little man... so you should take advantage and go on a 2nd honeymoon every year.

  3. Oh Ive always wanted to go there!! Couples retreat?