Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Madness

Thanksgiving this year was fantastic. We ate 3 fantastic dinners. The first gluttonous feasting was with the Harris Family (Cody's mom's side) at noon. After there we headed out to the Huffaker extravaganza at 2. The Following day we had another Thanksgiving dinner with the Theriot's.

I am mourning the loss of my 'skinny' jeans.

The Huffakers decided they wanted to dress up like pilgrims and indians. - Mack makes a fantastic indian.

The Huffaker family.

Have I mentioned my sister Deanna had a baby a couple weeks ago? Well she makes a beautiful turkey. Her name is Reagan.

I could never even dream of cooking as good as my mom. - Look at that cheese sauce on the broccoli AND the homemade rolls... mmmm...

This pic was taken yesterday so it doesn't really fit in my Thanksgiving post BUT i couldn't resist posting it. Look at my two men - they are amazing.


  1. Mmmmmmm! That food does look amazing! And just for the record, I think Mac should always be dressed as an Indian.

  2. I think Mack is the most adorable little boy. He is so stinking cute.

  3. What a GORGEOUS turkey! She is so beautiful! I wonder where she gets her good looks?

  4. HEs the cutest indian Ive ever seen. Play date asap.

  5. Hands down, the cutest little in'jun ever.