Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

I am sorry for all the pictures, but I really couldn't resist! My fantastic in-laws took us on a vacation to the happiest place on earth!!

I. Love. Disneyland.

It was a whole new experience getting to take baby Mack with us. He was such a champ! He did great in the car (thanks to the baby Einstein DVD) and he really was so happy the entire weekend! I'm pretty sure I have the cutest little boy in the entire world, and it helps that he is all smiles all the time! Thank you so much Darin and Lori for taking us!

Although Mack is a little young to fully enjoy the Disneyland goodness he did love certain things. #1 - The Merry-go-round! .... well, not so much the actual ride, but the gold pole that his horse was attached to :). He got so excited every time he saw it. He would hit it and try to get it in his mouth the entire ride. It was pretty awesome! Cody is a bit worried about his son's future loving gold poles.

#2 - Mack LOVED those spiny glowing toys that all the spoiled kids had. You know, the ones that look kind of like a flashlight, but when you push the button it spins super fast and the attached lights spin around. Are you picturing it? ..Well, Mack LOVED them. I wasn't about to buy him one because he would have tried to eat it while it was spinning (disaster). So he just watched other kids carry them around. - Grandpa DID however buy a cool glowing drink of some kind **cough** ridiculous rip off **cough** BUT it proved to be useful because Mack was the recipient of the cool glowy ice cube that came in it. He loves that thing!

We had a fantastic time! Thanks again Huffakers for making Mack's first D-land trip amazing! We love you guys!


  1. yay for disneyland! although i am fully jealous you guys went, i am glad you all had fun!! and mack is such a stud i love his brown little shoes!! :)

  2. ooh I want to take my girls to disneyland so badly.

    what a good looking family!

  3. Tracy I am pretty sure you have the cutest son ever too!!! And you look gorgeous in these pictures!!

  4. HOW FUN!!! I too love Disneyland. I love Mac's little hat--adorable!

  5. He knows how to rock those Mickey ears!

  6. I want to take Presley back so bad!! At 6 weeks old she got nothing out of it but Mickey ears. IM so jealous of your trip. and that you get to go again soon.