Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Little Monster

These are a couple pictures I have taken over the last couple days. Mack is so funny. He has way too much personality!!! He loves to yell at me when he is bored. ugh. He fell asleep in Cody's arms and just started smiling up a storm. I had to snap a picture! Sad that we don't have a video camera... I need to craigslist one.


  1. Mack is seriously a beautiful baby boy! He looks so chill and fun!

  2. oh little mackster! we dont have a video camera either. I have been researching one and theres this little one from best buy thats like 100 bucks it holds 60 minutes of video and you can just plug it into your computer. Im thinking about getting that and then saving the videos on a cd. so incase our computer crashes I still have them.

  3. That cake? Oh my yum. And your baby is so cute- growing up fast!