Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fascination with Pet Peeves.

For the most part me and Cody are super easy going people. Sometimes I wished that we fought more, just for the sport of it. ..seriously sometimes you just need a good fight to spice things up! As it happens to be though we are both extremely boring. Not much fighting, or getting upset... just hanging out. For this reason sometimes I like to focus on things that make us super annoyed. Might sound strange, but I like seeing things that make Code mad sometimes.. as I’m sure the same goes for him. ALSO I think the things that annoy us also says a lot about us. For this reason I have decided to list mine and Cody’s classic Pet Peeves. I would love to hear all of your pet peeves. Lay them on me!!..

slow mergers
fuzzy television
movies about humans ruining the earth
Overly protective/overbearing mothers (*disclaimer* neither of Cody’s mother figures fit this category)
people that say something in 20 minutes that should have taken 20 seconds


wreaths/bows on cars (mostly in the holiday season)
not enough peanuts in a snickers bar
cars at the front of the line who are ignorant to the green light (esp. in the turning lane!!)
hair on the soap. (especially blond/white hair that is camouflage that acts as a booby trap *ahem* Deanna)
people who think that eating expired dairy products is okay. shnasty.
Talk radio. (I still love you Cody)
devil/angel stickers on cars


  1. So Some of my pet peeves are the same as yours. Actually all of them but the hair on te soap. I dont use bar soap. I use liquid... i have eczema okay. BUt others would be slow drivers. Retarded drivers who wont let you change lanes even if your exit is coming and they are on their cell phones. I have road rage. Most pet peeves stem from driving.

  2. um i love you. not secretly..but out in the open. amen to the talk radio and eating expired dairy. not ok! those people are experts so they know exactly when it expires...why would anyone go against that! ugh

  3. HAHAHAHA, peanuts in the Snickers....

    My biggest is the Utah clones. Blonde is not the only hair color and fad diets aren't gonna work 'this time.'

  4. Well look at you, I saw a comment on my blog! I guess my annoyingness kicked you into gear! haha!

  5. Slow mergers UGH! Just happened this morning and I wanted to punch him in the neck. bows/wreaths on cars = dumb
    expired dairy = yuck
    talk radio = yawn

  6. I completely agree with your pet peeves! Especially the expired dairy!! Hello! That is disgusting! I don't like the smell of milk in general but I don't go near it as soon as the expiration date hits! Maybe I'm a little too paranoid though...

  7. One of my pet peeves is when people pull of the road for an ambulance or fire truck...on the other side of the median! Seriously people!!!??? We pull off to give the truck room, do you think they are going to drive up over the median and into our lane?? I don't think so.

    And another is when people say they are going to do something and they don't. HATE that! Just tell me you're not gonna do it!

    I know I have many more, but that's all I can think of for now.