Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day

We, like so many others, celebrated the glorious holiday of Memorial day with a barbecue. The food was delicious and Mack had his first real experience with the pool. He didn't love, or hate the pool.. staying true to his overall relaxed personality. I think he will like it in a few more weeks when the water gets a little warmer!!

(please excuse my pasty white skin.. this is the first time it has seen sun this season.)


  1. You look darling. And I am in love with Mack. Don't tell Ted.

  2. he's getting chubbier and i love it! um i miss you! can we please tan together soon??

  3. ps please come run it w/ me! its 26.2 miles starts in phoenix and ends in tempe. its $100 to register by september. you in or whar? :)

  4. First of all, your baby is just handsome/beautiful? Is that possible? He is just wonderful!
    As for you milk...I feel so complimented that you are asking me!
    I would try fenugreek. You can buy it at any health vitamin shop. It is a herb. It will make you smell like suryp...not a bad thing. But seriously you will smell like pancakes. But that always helped me. How old is Mac?

  5. Look at him! I miss him already. I feel you on the pasty skin. We need to tan and quick!