Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This weekend was pretty crazy. My sister in law Chelsea got married and is now Mrs. Jacobsen. Jocoby and Chelsea are such a perfect couple.. I couldnt have imagined a better guy for her. The week was full of wedding fun and trying to adjust to being out of school (I HATE the fact that I feel guilty all day because I am not doing school work!!! hellooo.. what is that about - i suffered through last semester to get to this point but now I can't enjoy it.. HELP!)anyway amidst all the craziness I found time to make these delicious cinnamon rolls while watching charley and the chocolate factory..
I have probably seen that movie 50 times. I am still trying to decide which version I like better ~~ the old movie has much better umpa lumpas and overall I THINK i have decided i like the music better (minus the horrible cheer up charley song that I have probably only seen once because I always fast forward it) ~~ The new movie has my johny, who is amazing, AND is paired with ridiculous amounts of Candy.. hello fantasy. Plus i think its just overall much more vibrant and exciting.. I still don't know.
I guess i will just have to watch the movie 50 more times to reach my final decision. Twist my arm.


  1. First off, missed you this weekend at "The Move". I hadn't planned on being there, but had nothing else to do...missed ya though! Second, how cute is Mack's tie on his onesie?!! Third, I completely agree with you on all views of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...old one is still really good and has better oompa loompas, new one is way funny and really colorful...it's a toss up I guess. (Plus, has anyone listened to cheer up charlie other than the first time they ever watched that movie?) And lastly, are you making cinnamon rolls for me too? HELLO?!!

  2. Did you even have time to breath? Thanks for all your help with the fundraiser...on your anniversary night...hello?!?!?!?!?

  3. Mmm! Those cinnamon rolls look fabulous!

    And I too hate that "Cheer up Charlie" song.

  4. Mmmmmmm, those cinnamon rolls look divine.

  5. That dang cheer up charlie song. I dont watch it either because it gets stuck in my head for months. Im the same way... I cant make up my mind. Look at you little miss domestic housewife. Those cinnamon rolls look divine!

  6. Funny, I totally do the same thing. I went from 5 classes to 0 last semester. Yes, I know that guilty feeling, like you're wasting time or not doing anything productive. Whats up with that haha.

    Devyn's FAVORITE movie of all time is Charlie and the chocolate factory. He will argue the orignal is definitley better.

    and... really can your kid be any cuter? :) He has a perfect little face, he's adorable! We should get together soon!