Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mack has been super constipated. sad. I am breast feeding but he still isn't going. I have been trying EVERYTHING!!! .. including excluding dairy from my diet. That means I am currently not eating gluten, dairy, or chocolate!!!!! what do I eat? .. you guessed it, Rice Crispy treats! My dad bought me this massive box, which i consumed in ONE week. That's right ONE WEEK. I asked Cody how many he ate to make my pathetic self feel better.. i mean, I couldn't have eaten the entire box. ..yeah, he ate 3. That leaves me eating 51 bars of deliciousness in 7 days. Please don't do the math of how many I ate a day - I am already humiliated enough.


  1. you eat those rice krispies treats with pride! Dont be humiliated. You live on the diet of no happiness. You deserve 51 rice krispies treats, actually you deserve more. Do I need to go get you another box?

  2. pretty sure i ate the whole bag of pirate booty and all but like 3 of the rice crispy treats you brought us... and i wonder why i cant lose the last few pounds?? puppy chow is next...see you this week!

  3. oh, breastfeeding is tough sometimes! I hate to give advice when it isn't asked for...

    BUT, I will...maybe you should try drinking some fiber drink, or something like that. Whatever you eat will definetly go to baby.

    But don't worry, I ate TWO CARTONS of coffee ice cream the other day.