Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mack the Knife

When I first found out I was pregnant Cody would lean over to my belly and yell/scream "BAAAABBBYYY..." ... maybe it was an attempt to say hi? maybe it was an acknowledgment that I had a baby in there? Or maybe he was just trying to terrify the baby?.. I don't know. But since we have found out that it is a boy, and then decided to name him Mack, Cody now sings this Louis Armstrong song 'Mack the Knife' at my belly CONSTANTLY!! (truly like 4 times a day) Me and Codes both love Jazz and so this has come to be Macks 'theme song.' ...After actually listening to the song I have realized that Mack the knife is actually a song about 'Mack' who as it turns out is a rapist/murderer scum of the earth. Should I be concerned that my unborn child is going to become some crazed lunatic because his parents have a sick sense of humor? .. I am due two weeks from today, so if he comes out with a knife in his hand, wearing a bandanna and has shifty eyes.. I will take full blame

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