Friday, April 27, 2012

 Last week me and my family went on a Bahamian DISNEY CRUISE!!! We have been so excited ever since my parents put this together a few months ago. Mack even had a chain he would take links off of every night. We were celebrating my mom's birthday. It was extravagant and fantastic! This is a picture of my parents with all their grandchildren!! I had to leave Whitman home because he wasn't old enough (babies have to be 12 weeks) .. not to mention babies are FULL price!!! Talk about crazy... they don't take up any space, ANDthey don't even eat the food. sheesh.
Thanks Mom and Dad for an amazing experience we will never forget. AND thanks to my friends, who are seriously amazing, for watching my NEW BORN!!! ... I was a wreck leaving him, but I'm glad I decided to go. The entire family minus Whitman, Deanna's husband Michael, and Deanna's Baby were able to go.
 Nothing better than breakfast on the dock of the boat to start out the morning.
 Nothing better, except adding a diet coke to that breakfast... don't judge people, it was a cruise!
 Mack LOVED swimming in the pools on the boat. That kid was spoiled rotten!!
 I tried being hypnotized in one of the shows on the boat. I've always wanted to! Too bad it didn't work on me. Maybe it had something to do with Miss Lay-all-over-me girl who. She was distracting me.
 Mack makes the most handsome sailor EVER with his Bahama hat and white shorts.. he kills me!!
 No cruise is complete (or lifetime for that matter) without a Pirate Party!! Lots of Dessert, dancing, and fireworks. Glorious!
 They had daycare on the ship... which WOULD have been heavenly had my stubborn 3 year old decided not to freak out every time we dropped him off!!! Ugh remember the whole potty training episode!? ... hell and torture? well that was all for THIS... the vacation where we could drop our kid off and enjoy single bliss...  *sigh* what could have been... in his defense, the daycare encompassed kids from ages 3-11 or something like that. Mack was overwhelmed, and a lot of the activities were too old for him.  blah blah blah..
BUT when it was free time the parents could come in.. which is where Mack discovered this cool slide. He could have done that thing all day if we let him... but of course we had to be there watching the kid. Heaven forbid we walk 10 steps away.  :) Love you buddy.
 Mack loved looking at the 'Disney Cruise Boat.' He still asks to go back every day.
 The Island of St. Marten. It was beautiful.. I've never met a Caribbean Island I didn't like.
 Oh, it's nothing. Just me and my favorite Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow Hanging out at Disney's private Island, Castaway Cay.
 The memory of free soft serve ice cream and fountain drinks while sitting in an umbrella chair reading a book is one that I will keep with me forever. Heaven.
 Mack and Codes, just chillin. Mack took a few minutes to warm up to the beach, but then he couldn't get enough of it. The water was nice, but not as warm as I remember the water being in the Dominican Republic. We still got our swim on though.
 Family picture. Please don't judge my fatty body. I had a baby 8 weeks ago, and this was the last day of an extremely bingeful (did I just make that word up) cruise. I am paying for it now, dieting galore, but every calorie filled bite was worth it!
 Cody might kill me for adding this picture, but I had to. My husband is the most handsome man EVER. He would make a great sailor, which is actually one of his life long dreams.
Another shot of Castaway Cay.
The reality of being home sucks. I want to go back and hang out with my favorite people in paradise!!  Mom and Dad, you have outdone yourselves. ...


  1. We will be the first to comment....
    the cruise wouldn't have been anything without all of you kids. So much fun, wasn't it??
    I'm with Mack...I wanna go back too!!

  2. Your post is so great I actually feel like I was there with you! Oh wait.... No really - very cute as always and seriously Rae if I look that good in a swim suit when my baby is a year old I will be VERY happy. You are my hero. And you need to come over and play soon!

  3. I'm pretty sure I threw up in my mouth a little when you made refrence to your fatty body. You look INCREDIBLE! You rocked that bathing suit!

  4. Oooh, I'm so jealous...of the cruise, of your 8-wk-post-baby-body, of limitless food.