Monday, October 26, 2009

How can I top that..

Here are a couple funny Halloween costumes from years past. Me and Cody as Belatrix and Nevil from Harry Potter. Heh heh heh, and then I had to add my all time fav. of Amy (my sister) as Dr. Evil and Ryan (her husband) as Mr. Bigglsworth! Ha ha.
Last year I created palm tree outfits out of green umbrellas that I attached brown balloons to for coconuts. - can't find a pic of that one though. Sad. I am a little worn out this year so
I'm sure out costumes wont be up to par. I guess you will just have to stay tuned to see what we decide to dress up this year as...


  1. yes i love it! cant wait to see...maybe cody can be a pregnant woman and you can be an OB doctor? hmmm...think about it. ive got things for it if you need anything. HA!!

  2. haha oh Tracy your love for Halloween makes me happy! I am sure your costumes will look fabulous! I don't even know what to be!! I am so lame!!!

  3. Hey! I have that picture of your palm tree costumes... I think I was supposed to email it to you ooops :) Whats your email?