Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where I'd like to be

Along with constantly wanting doughnuts I also am constantly wanting to be in Disneyland! Today I want to be there more than ever due to having to try and make my brain work once again for school. A lot of my upper division credits are finished and so I am just filling space with lower divisions. Today in my southwest gardening class (like i said, I am just filling space) I went online and the assignment was... go take a picture of yourself next to a tree. ..what the, ummm. okay.?

Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. So for now Disneyland will stay far away. I will just have to watch the Disneyland commercials of other people enjoying the magic.

I need a churro...

and a doughnut


  1. Disneyland is my favorite....awesome assignment! haha

  2. I bought a dozen glazed doughnuts at the store yesterday because "it's my birthday week." only five remained this morning.

  3. We're taking our boys to the Magic Kingdom at the end of September! We can't wait!!!

  4. Hold on until November, just hold on!!!

  5. I belong there too. I (crossing my fingers) hope Im going in Novemeber. That just seems to far away. And this next week we are getting together. You have no choice.